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2011 fetish: Men with hair

Hello, hello everyone!  Is good to have you all back in 2011, I hope you all party real good on Friday night and you set some goals for this year.
Since I've been from party to party I saw one think. Men without hair and I'm not referring to the one from their head. 
But men.The hair on the rest of your body I care enormously. It delights me. . It makes me shiver of surprise. I enjoy dearly. Causing me sad.  I'm troubled as a breeze. I shudder each wire. In a word, excites me tremendously.  In bad, when it's gone.

. For hair that lately appears and disappears as the stock market fluctuations. Trends change overnight.  Hair empires collapse. Rising others.  In other places. And fail again. It's chaos. And it may take more than a tender heart like mine can handle.
I did not realize exactly how business works.  The secret communication channels fail to men to decide the change of fashion. And who's Opinion leader with such a big influence. That is manages all  to make it.  In unison.  To take drastic decisions. Banish their hair. It was removed.. Let him laugh on earth.

But it is clear for our minds when they talk only about cars, women and gadgets, the night before was the session about the hair..  With a strict agenda and as a moderator.  Among the topics: our hair: short history, our hair, why?, Our hair: trends. Then they vote and run home to implement the new trend. In terms of hair.

 But to take hair on chapters:

1. The underarm hair

This thing looks like it's pretty clear. Unfortunately. It was decided in a meeting where they all  presented. From small to large. Poor, rich, conscripts, teens, repentance, misogynist and accountants. Cutting off beer, matches, boys' meetings and important meetings at work.  And to judge.  The underarm hair must go for forever.. there must be crystal clear . Without stars.

Of. Do not you realize.You don't realize how important that hair is.  What  will complete the picture better of you being a man..  Men, not metro sexual or other hybrids. From the metropolis. To try somehow to the country side?

2. Hair from the penis. And the testicles hair.

This work is terribly complicated. It's great confusion.  Some men choose to eradicate, as a scourge, just the penis hair. Leaving that curious choice. Only hair from the testicles.

  Others leave the hair on the penis but shave the one from the testicles. It seems like it's a little better.Because women don't really like the testicles zone, although you see in porn movies women that are licking and sucking is not that nice for us. Do not really know why and how they do with them.  If you ignore them or not. And twithout hair seams more unfriendly. But still.

  And most radical of men choose to grab it. Armpits, penis and testicles.

I mean what  dwarf goes inside their inner ear during the night while sleeping 
And he whispers urgently. Is time for you to shave,   Is your time. You are a loser if you remain with hair underarm or at your penis or at your testicles. You will be everybody's laughing stock. Take a razor.  Play with it.

I sincerely afraid that things will escalate even more so.  Soon they will move to hands, feet and chest. I do not know if I can handle  something like this.  Even now is not too easy. Blood flows from my nose often.  When someone get off any shirt. Or some pants.

And what irony of fate!  Beard who laughs at them. The only hair that men would want to raise is in their head. As that's why you can slurring her as well. I Patting it when nobody watching. They speak when more endearing when tougher. They use all kind of lotions.

Only, he just sits there, the hair. In their skull, as long.  But in general this  hair turns it's back on them.. And take the towel after showering. Or leave clothes soft shoulders. Or hovering slightly in family dinner.  Staying above the head, just as a color swatch. To know what it was.  When it was.

Men, really I don't care if your hair from the head goes prematurely. I see no downside in this. . Even got a touch of nobility.  Sounds like you have more mature. And that's sexy.

But please. We beg you.. Leave hair in other places where it is. 

Sex as a weapon

There is nothing new to use sex to get what you want. Otherwise we would not have so much gossip that her flamboyant and with few material resources to enjoy the love of wealth.  But we think that this only happens to them in tabloid magazines. We never do that ...

Really?  Untrue?

  And yes and no.  Of course, we won't do it so obvious as in the example above. But even if there is no explicit intention in our heads, to report the physical closeness that we have two sexes leads to results of a similar type.

It is not that men want sex more than women. But the fact that they can enjoy any kind of sex while women need and spiritual fulfillment of certain conditions in addition to the natural order.  Men can accept about any situation, while some women more restricted ones. It is not always so, but often true. Hence the imposition of conditions.

I ask your attention to some situations.

  1. Do not have sex with him until you're sure  and will keep you fit for a long lasting relationship.


. Because you want a long lasting relationship. For random sex without being justified by strong feelings makes you feel uncomfortable.  Because you prefer to wait to see if it's worth before you get involved  more emotional.

  How does he react?

He's giving you what you want, or at least he tries. And that phenomenon occurs 'conquest' that can not show you how that relationship will be further attitude can be changed more than it really is.

. 2. Do not have sex with him if you're upset, disappointed about some of his behavior.



. Because you do not feel the need, because you have a tendency to not even look at him or hear him. What to speak of so profound a statement as well as gender.


  How does he react?

 He may not understand where he was wrong, but because he dislikes the  peace in the house will make the gestures you want.  Of course, until next time he will act as the time comes.

It can be seen above that sex was not used as a weapon, but unintentionally led to the same results as would have been. It depends how far you take that situation and how much you start to behave differently than just to feel and get something. Only when you get to lie can be called manipulative phenomenon, otherwise it's just a different way of both sexes born to react to potential stimulus of born sex.

  And see how men see sex differently, if you argue with your boyfriend, and you are in the brink of breakup, and you make  sex do not think this is a sign that will remain with you. It's just an indication that that night felt horny and how you were there he wouldn't let the breakup morning to stop him to have sex. 

Attract the same kind of men

I try every day to keep up with the bar that I made up for myself.
Check how this label, image, beauty, tolerance, flexibility, joy and other good things that might tempt him.  I mean the one that I want to concur

  But sometimes I feel like I struggle for nothing to  become a better person, much better, becoming better, the best under the sun. I have reason to believe that eventually is enough to sit with folded hands and watch the clouds.. The result might surprise me.

 Maybe it's ok to relax and get to the wisdom that my mission in terms of personal development has been completed. Maybe I'm better as I find myself, no longer need to add / improve / change some tricks.


  I say this because I realized that whatever I do, I'm  attracting about the same kind of men.

How I walk through world, I stick to the skin of the forearm, which functions as an emotional magnet, varieties of men familiar to me.  Men are not interested in me better or worse.  I do not cross roads with uneducated men or cosmopolitan but with the same men. I do not even think it's a bad thing, far from me to complain. Only when they come with  the same faults it drives me crazy,  but I must admit that the package is and about the same qualities.

I'm just saying what found out. But if this is so, men and guys who like me are destined for me anyway, then I can sit down good, that means they will hover about me anyway. With this idea of this new bearer, I think I may even wear pink every day, although  is not cool, or wear a hat of feathers every Thursday.

  Also I did not like me to wear lipstick but I proceeded so because I was told by the audience that's important.  Men who like me do not even support women with lipstick. Maybe I can and eat something more than usual, without looking so often at the waist, staring out of his head. Men who are interested in me will not want to sticks stuck in the ass. When they want to fuck me, they want to feel big breasts like Jenna from the porn movies, wanna feel a good ass, not just bones.

You understand what I mean, do not insist. Men that I attract are serious people but have a very well developed sense of humor and make me laugh all the time. They hate little snobs  and this is coming in the same package..  So they do not seek botox, lip gloss, hair stretched plate, perfect skin,  shadow mask, long blond hair and brand clothing.

  Men who think I'm interesting are stuffed as the constitution or, anyway, not even skinny. They can not wake up in the morning, even if you show them your tits, ass and everything. They say that they don't watch TV but time will prove that this was just a lure that they threw to me so that I'll sleep my vigilance.

 Most men that wants me work as normal persons with normal jobs, which have existed for a long time in classification.They have bodies and personalities normal  of the ax and do not demonstrate an extraordinary taste in clothes.

  That seems like it's my cross. Does to you happens the same? 

How to count men?

When women become good friends, bluntly undress without much character and dependence to start garment stuff organized. I mean awful indiscreet details about what happens in their beds.

If a man could hear what it is about in the sentence, at first he will blush, then fall in the land price and would stay there five hamper. Because girls best friends  talk about the length, thickness and shape of the penis which is opposite to that point. They explain in detail how mumbles, groans or humble and streams or stays silent their partner in bed.

With happiness women offer plenty of explanations to determine the style that he makes sex. Does  he prefers the way of  pushed, pulled or dragged or a combination of all these? These and many others, we will find out.  And besides all the masks related to the sexual act itself and the body with which it happens, women and work wonders this: you how many men you slept?

Perhaps men talk about it but somehow more relaxed. Because they have allowed the company to sleep with any woman they desire.  Rhet Buttler of Gone With the Wind is an idol in this connection explicit in a very conservative society.He sanctioned into the film set a standard, few decades ago,  to be clear for everyone: men are allowed.

And actually, if they are real men, would do well to sleep with as many and to disclose information as much bravery. For her sexual exploits on the shoulders and chest  should wear a lot of decorations on the face of masculinity data.

Among women, however, after discussing the question that related to the number of men known intimately, it creates a stampede and a bustle that there is a need to impose a moderator.  The reason is simple: women do not know what exactly to put  in count as sexual intercourse and to be given back, that does not quite qualify.


And then begins to speak passionately:

  Me with 9, but now I realize I do not know whether to put Roger on the list, because wasn't a real sexual act.  I did him oral sex and ... that's it.
Here follows the giggles of often contradictory public opinions, "if you think is not sex, only nine remain, or on the contrary:" oral sex is just sex, because that's why the title contains the word. "

  -Listen, but if I just made all that stuff, including masturbation but not really sex-sex counts?

  Hahahah says the choir.

- And I do not know whether to count the two sexual experiences very special, someone added: cunnilingus and anal sex with someone else and ... was long time ago, hihi.

Here laughter and directions as we need a special annex in which to specify the exact nature of the interaction.

"But yes, strengthens a brunette woman, and that's all sex and not just a meeting between friends. And so things continued, with various wonders, questions and clarifications of dirty talk, accompanied by laughter. Also we watch some porn because we want to establish the things that we did, we made it right.

  Next we call for additional details and stories in the narrative, in which everyone wants to  know why it's only oral sex and nothing more.  And how come there was a 69 peppery but after that the protagonists where never seen in bed , although they are colleagues.

But the question remains open: how to count the men with who you slept? Place and other interactions even deeper and here I insist, deeply sexual, or must be a  classic act  to be on the list?  Play the music, your words I mean.

I support the sex with the light turn on

Sex with the light turn on is a domestic activity for the braves. He is regularly practiced by porno's teachers that have come through the exercise with a lot of exercise. 
I never got it what point has the music when we make sex.
And why do some of us or others say  that there are songs perfectly suited for love . My ears always closed and fail to hear nothing else, but the sounds of sensual acts and voices that are  in the perimeter of the bed on fire. Or the kitchen table where nobody is cooking at the time or the escaping steam from the tub.
But the images, hmmmm, the images makes all the money in the world.  I'm the cherry of contemporary sexuality. Because is exactly like I am in a porn movie where I am the main actress. And the best part of all this is that I'm with a partner that I really like. And every thing is interactive. In my hands is the time of the movie, the sound, the lights , the commercial break, when I and him breathe a little.  I'm extremely lucky because I can also handle the climax, the point where both of us climb to the maximum pleasure. 
No, no, don't turn it off, leave it like this. I wanna see how ready you are and how prepare you will get from a level to another. I wanna see how your skin color changes when I push and I want you to see how my nipples get hard  when you kiss my neck Something like this I'm looking when I want sex with the light opened.
The way you look has nothing to do with what we are doing. The fact that you have 2 and a half kg on your belly and I have some cellulite on my legs that I'm not very proud of, doesn't come in our sex business. When you climb in my bed and you hold your temper although the light is so strong like you are in an operating room. We enjoy our self more than you can ever think. The eyes see and the heart requires in an other way, much better.
When I keep my eyes open and I see how the person bellow me changes in different ways I'm exploring new horizontals. My look has the role to create me pleasure, but also to him. The idea that you are seen when you do or feel the most extraordinary feelings since the world is on this planet is perverse and sweet.
In the eyes of the partner, when the light is turn on, there are two plasmas with wonderful things that are running. I receive feedback right away, in sudden moves of back-forward or stand still. And when you are in climax, at orgasm, there are somethings you can see that could change the world.

Because I'm 24 years old

Everyone says that there aren't any good men out there all the good's one have been taken. And then I started to think about all the guys are around me and there are many situations when someone draws me and I desire to have sex with him. Almost all of the situations. The space where I am contains tickles after tickles. I do not know how some women complain that there are no men in the world. I say that there is everywhere but it depends on what you do with them. Maybe it's not the world full of responsible fathers. But there are a lot of men for sex.
I mean every day, I promise you, I see a lot of eligible men who like to walk exactly under my nose. And I sniff-sniff and smell these guys, see that men and mating hormones are new and potentially better. Kind of a Kinder surprise egg, from we were little.



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